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8 Freight

Weighing little more than a standard bicycle the 8 Freight will carry all kinds of goods, children, animals, gardening equipment and general household rubbish. It may become the most useful tool you own.

Designed by Mike Burrows, famous for very fast bicycles, the inspiration for the 8 Freight came from the Vietcong, who used long bicycles to carry ammunition and weapons down the Ho Chi Minh trail.
The weight is carried low, behind the rider, so it's very stable and you can carry long stuff strapped to the sides. Kids can sit comfortably in the hand made wicker basket.
Use it to run a small business, for shopping, gardening or just as a versatile commuting bike.

Up until recently the supply of 8 Freights was limited as Mike was making them himself. There has now been a small batch made in Taiwan, with more to come. The design and quality is the same or better, and we hope that bigger production runs will enable anybody to own this amazing piece of machinery.

Pick Your Options


Kids Basket +£350.00

A hand made basket for carrying kids or other stuff. With a lid for keeping things secure and out of sight, and a minimal seat for the kids. Made to order.

Strong Box +£499.00

Square paneled box with a hasp for a padlock. Drops into the flat bed of the 8 Freight.

Courier Box +£780.00

For maximum carrying capacity. Used by many courier companies.