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Bacchetta Recumbents

Bacchetta Bicycles

Founded in April 2001 by three veterans of the recumbent business, John Schlitter, Rich Pinto, and Mark Colliton, Bacchetta have developed what has now become known as the standard for performance recumbents. By keeping to a single, simple frame design and seat mounting system, they have created a range of bikes in steel, aluminiium and carbon fibre which cover everything the laid back rider could need, from long distance touring to high speed racing.

The unique tear-drop profile of the main tube makes for the most efficient power transfer, and also supplies the essential ingredient of the seat support system. A moulded plastic bracket slides on this profile and is tightened by a single quick release lever. As the seat slides back, it becomes less reclined, so the the two rear supports are telescopic, giving a huge range of adjustment with the two frame sizes. Most people up to about 5' 11" will fit on the medium frame, but if you are on the edge of this, and like to have the seat very reclined then we recommend the larger size. Three seats are available. The ReCurve is designed for more upright riding positions, with a shaped, cushioned base and a mesh back. The Euromesh seat is a unique combination of tensioned mesh with a 2" open foam cushion. It is great for longer distances

“In my humble opinion, the soul of a bike is embedded in its frame. Everything else is secondary. Herein lies the Giro’s strength and character. The Giro’s frame consists 4130 Chromoly steel teardrop shaped mono-tube that not only looks classy and sophisticated, but also achieves that very hard-to-reach balance between frame rigidity, flexibility and strength. It flexes enough to ensure an extremely comfy ride but it is rigid enough to direct all your energy to the rear wheel. If any power is lost to the built-in frame flex, I sure as hell didn’t notice it. The bike’s performance is excellent!”

Jose A. Hernandez, for BentRiderOnline