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Burrows Blade

A monoblade with disc mount to fit virtually any bike.

Monoblades are lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic than their two legged cousins, plus they look really cool! You can read Mike Burrows' article on the advantages and disadvantages here. Ideal for recumbents as they reduce the amount of chain deflection, but actually you can use them on any bike.

These are made to order for us by Mike so you can get any length or steerer diameter. You will have to tell us whether you want 1" ahead or 1 1/8", along with the length of the blade (from crown to axle) and the length of the steerer. The castings are painted with primer so you can either paint the entire monoblade or leave the tube in its raw state and polish it occasionally to prevent corrosion. Price includes the front hub. Approximate weight with hub - 800g.

In his own words...

"Suffice to say that, as you double the diameter of a tube, its weight doubles but its stiffness will increase some four and a half times - really nice numbers. This means that if you were to swap your two 25mm diameter fork legs for one 50mm diameter leg, you would have doubled the critical fore and aft strength without any increase in weight. You will also have increased the torsional stiffness, but that is already many times higher than necessary."

Pick Your Options


Steerer size Ahead 1"

Steerer size Ahead 1 1/8"