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Cycling in Iran

Me, Joey, Teheran and Alborz mountains

I have now been five times to Iran. I am not a jihadist, my wife is from there. And its quite different from what you would expect. I have been twice with a bike, once with the Brompton. once with the Airnimal.

The Brompton was great for the city, very manoeuvrable, which is handy as the traffic jams don't have much space between the vehicles. If the traffic gets completely locked you can easily pick it up and carry it over cars. You can swing the back end underneath when you need to become an instant pedestrian for going up stairs, over crash barriers and through foot tunnels. The Airnimal had a big advantage with the fat tyres, as although the roads are generally pretty good, there are big metal drains across many side roads which can be quite exciting when descending at speed, which you do a lot, as the city is built on the side of a mountain. I took it with the idea of exploring the mountains, but as it was August and Ramadan it was very hot and there was nowhere to sit and eat, so travel was difficult. I contented myself with walking in the mountains instead, which is very popular and very well organised.

Both bikes were easy to get on the plane, but I didn't manage to try getting on a coach with either of them, which is generally the easiest way of travelling distances. I did put the Joey on the commuter train to Karaj without any problem, I took the precaution of bagging it up, which I was glad of as it was pretty full, but I doubt if anybody would have stopped me if if it was unfolded.