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Eurobike 2015 - business as usual

Eurobike this year was the usual mixture of hard core bike business, flashy promotion and heavy marketing with a few innovative ideas sneaking in. I went for the demo day, which gives you an opportunity to test ride all the new bikes, and I spent a day wandering the show halls. Also ate a couple of excellent dinners.


Streamer fairing - old but still good

Paper Bicycle in hire bike mode. Apparently there are now several thousand of them out there.

"Onesey" for scandinavian bike touring. Also converts to a coat.

Tout Terrain pinion mounting system allows tension adjustment for belt drives.

The Leaf - a new urban/shopping trailer from Carry Freedom.

Monster truck family camping set up - just buy the lot and go!

Ortlieb have ahad their best idea since they invented their amazing QL1 pannier fixing system back in 1823. A rack top bag fitting system which makes all the rest of them look rubbish, because of course, they are. Simply adjust the width once for your rack and it simply pushes into place. See this video.

Co-Motion chainstay yoke - a very clever way of maximising tyre clearance for the latest generation of huge tyres. This one was CNC machined out of a big block of steel.