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Fujin-Burrows project

A Fujin SL2, but faster, lighter, more comfortable and with better brakes.

A customers demand for the ultimate audax bike gave us the opportunity to do something we have wanted to do for ages, an upgrade of the Fujin SL2 using a Mike Burrows monoblade and pivotting handlebars in the Ratracer style.

The Fujin is a great bike but I was never completely happy with the riding position, of the three options available none of them get the bars low enough and tight enough in, there is limited adjustment and the pivoting version is rather heavy. Also the carbon forks don't have disc brake mounts, so you can have tiny sidepulls if you want the lightest possible setup, or fairly chunky aluminium forks for disc brakes. Fitting one of Mikes Blades means you can have a lightweight option with a disc brake, plus it improves the chain run past the front wheel. We found some stock carbon tubes which seem to be lighter and stronger thean the aluminium tubes Mike has used until now. Mike made one of his beautiful pivotting stems from the same material.

Since the bike is wanted for long Audaxes a dynamo hub was also demanded, so it is possible we have created the first bike with a monoblade and dynamo hub. We used the Son XSM in the version designed for ICE, and Mike had to make a special casting for the end of the monoblade. The result is pretty cool. Hope brakes are always our choice for this type of handlebar set up as you can use the little adapters to give a right angle hose run down the stem. Plus they are easy to set up and service.

We want to make some stock bikes using this configuration. Get in touch for a progress report.