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Man or Superman?

Monza fast lap: 5.794 Km, flying start - first place Steven Slade, UK, in 5:37.889, average speed 61.721 Km/h

PRESS RELEASE - The WHPVA World Championships for human powered vehicles took place from June 10th through the 12th on the historic Monza race track.

It was the first time for Italy in the history of this discipline, which is really cycling, but free from the old UCI ‘limitations’. One hundred and ten racers from eight nations took part in six races in three days, despite varying weather and the necessary ‘learning curve’ of organizing the event. The event was organized by association Propulsione Umana-Human Powered Vehicles Italia with the support and under the liberal auspices of Politecnico di Torino, Università degli Studi di Milano and sports organisation UISP Comitato di Cremona - Lega Ciclismo Nazionale.

The HPV discipline, still virtually unknown in Italy, has captivated the attention of the 25,000+ visitors who attended the 36th edition of Festival dello Sport, which has now been organized by Unione delle Società sportive Monzesi for more than 3 decades and has hosted the HPV event.

As can be inferred from the rankings, one of the fastest riders has been, as nearly each time in the latest editions, Steve “Slasher” Slade. Steve is a gentleman of 54, lean with a quiet and dreamy demeanour, who can achieve incredible speeds on his 'Beano' machine, a front-wheel drive, fully faired streamliner with carbon fibre shell and retractable landing gear.