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My Amazing Bike!

Last year I did all my audax rides on the Molerat, but this year I wanted something a bit more comfortable and easier to use so its back to my old Speedmachine. I was never completely happy with the riding position and I wanted to duplicate as close as possible the way you sit on a Molerat.

Changing the handlebars and raising up the front of the seat gives me a flatter profile and having my hands and arms tucked in should be a lot more aerodynamic. I like the curve in the tiller, it keeps everything out of your eyeline and should be a bit more aero.

The handlebars were a Burrows cast off, so I just had to find a way to fix them to the stem. A lump of square section steel was brazed on with a height adjuster underneath. I am also getting rid of the front mech and converting it to 10 speed with a 9 to 36 cassette. I was tempted by 11 speed but that would have needed a new hub.

Its got a Burrows Blade which improves the chainline and the aerodynamics. I took off the original suspension forks to save weight and reduce the height of the front boom, but the monoblade is very good at absorbing road shock and the whole bike handles very well. This one is actually aluminium with a fake carbon fibre sticker on it, although Mike now makes them out of stock carbon tube.

Its now light enough and fast enough to keep up round the Essex lanes on Sunday morning but still perfect for long distance touring. In October 2014 I rode it Fez in Morrocco and I am already planning some nice rides in 2015.