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The packaway tandem has arrived!

The Circe Helios tandem is now available with a frame which can be taken apart for easy travel. Two cunning joints on the top tube lock the bike together. Each joint is made of machined aluminium and is firmly clamped with two 8mm bolts. The bottom tube is an oversized sleeve which simply clamps around the existing frame tubes. The result is a completely rigid frame which takes 20 to 30 minutes to pack away, but will go into quite a small bag. Price is £550 on top of the usual bike price and it is available now. We can also get your existing Circe tandem retro-fitted for £650.

We have got our first frame and we will be testing it extensively over the next few weeks. The plan is to fly to Poland and then cross the Ukraine to Romania, taking advantage of budget airlines. Read the report of the trip.