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Brevet Cymru - how to not ride it


From the beginning I was in trouble. Couldn't even keep up with Marcus. Spent 150 km struggling. By Hay on Wye I was only 20 minutes ahead of the control closing and had pretty much given up. By then my only companions were a very wheezy man with a dodgy GPS who I followed in circles around Monmouth, and a man with a belly so big he could have had another cyclist stuffed up his jersey. Got lost. Rehearsing my excuses all the way. Best I could come up with was "too far".

I had breakfast and carried on in the hope of getting to Llandovery but it just got worse and worse until at last my front wheel fell off. Jubilation! Huge relief that it wasn't just "a bad day" and I at last had something to blame. Manage to stuff the axle back in the monoblade and coasted down to the next village.
Llanwrtyd Wells bills itself as "the smallest town in Britain". It has two shops, a pub and a couple of cafes. One of the shops was a sort of combined stationary shop and chemist. As I went in the bell rang and a couple of minutes later a nice man in his eighties appeared so I asked him for some epoxy glue. All he had was a sort of one-shot syringe which he wouldn't sell me because he said the syringe didn't work and the last lady he sold it to brought it back and complained. He said he would have to give it to me. When I asked to borrow a spanner he disappeared off for another ten minutes and after the sound of much crashing and banging came back with a tool box containing a perfect 20mm spanner. I got the axle out, covered it with glue, shoved it back in and went off for a cream tea.
An hour later I was back on my bike and flying. About two hours late for Llandovery I got there in time to see the first people coming back. Had a good meal, read the paper and then had a lovely ride to the last control for a kip. Rode the last 36 miles in the morning with Patrick who had done the same Llandovery bale-out due to a cold. All in  all a great trip even though it was my first DNF.
marcus' story (he's quite dyslexic)
Story outline:
great cycle on my way back now bristol
wales was standing
old people really friendly\
lots of people have a go on my bike
I followed the root like I was playing pacman
as I had put the route in my phone
but I didn't have all the information I need
4 example
I have gps location of the checkpoints but I didn't know what to do when I got them.
so I spent half an hour looking around the west end cafe for someone with a stamp. until patrick showed up and told me to ask behind the counter.
I biked on to the coast and started back, I was cutting it fine. as I was on the edge of the time limit, so biked until naked. (I think he means knackered)
I fell asleep, side road on the bike agenst a wall in a lay by, nice old lady sore me and called an ambulance for me. ofter a long talk me saying 'I just need to sleep please go and let me' thay insisted and Took me to hospital, said I could sleep there. Didn't have your number, and stewart did not have his phone. From the hospital I bike to cardiff. I stay tonight at my aunties. On to bristol is where I am now just about to get the train back to Penzance. I'll be more prepared next time, big sure that the organiza as my number, and I have theirs.