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Brompton Servicing


Get your Brompton serviced by the experts!

Bromptons are among the most reliable bikes you can buy, but they still need care and attention. We can do all the routine tasks that every Brompton needs and we can also do upgrades and repair many types of crash damage. 

We try to keep all Brompton parts in stock in order to turn your bike around in a day. And no need to book!

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We regularly do all of the following;

  • Standard Service £75.00 + parts. Most bikes need this once a year; a good clean, the chain and sprocket replaced, brake brocks replaced and all the moving bits checked and lubricated
  • Replacing rear pivots £60.00. They seem to last about three years with regular use.
  • Replacing Seat Sleeve £25.00. Don't just keep tightening your seatbolt or you may damage the frame. Its time to replace it!
  • Fitting rear rack including new rear mudguard £140.00.
  • Convert your L to an R. Upgrade 3 speed to BWR 6 Speed. We can also make 2 into 6. Magic!
  • Rear hub servicing £50.00. Gear hubs are great but they don't go on for ever, and they appreciate a little care.
  • Replacing rim £65.00. A lot of braking in the winter and eventually your rims will start to wear through. If its on the back wheel its worth rebuilding the wheel. If the front has gone it makes more sense to replace the wheel.
  • Reducing or raising gear ratios from £20.00. Get it just how you like it.
  • Fitting Dynamo Lights. Either the standard Brompton Shimano or SON, or the very special SON XS radial.