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Carry Freedom Y-Frame

The strength of the Y-Frame is its flexibility. Strap a load straight onto the load bed, or fit a bag or box to suit your purpose. 100's of commercially available bags and boxes will bolt or strap onto the trailer. Boxes can either be bolted permanently to the frame or fitted with the unique quick release mechanism.

You can separate the Y-Frame in about four seconds. Pull the lynch pin that holds the handle, and push the centre of the hubs to remove the wheels. A simple durable Aluminium frame, with a tough plywood load bed, this is a simple design made from high quality components, that will go on and on. Notice the sealed bearings, puncture resistant Marathon tyres, and stainless steel spokes. The axles are sturdy button release 12mm wheelchair axles.

The Y-Small is better if you like going through doors, the Y-Large is better if you carry silly amounts of stuff.

Pick Your Options

Y Frame Small +£299.00

16" wheels. 45kg Capacity, 6kg weight, Load bed 38cm X 58cm, maximum load area 49cm X 90cm. Track Width: 570mm

Y Frame Large +£325.00

20" wheels. 90kg Capacity, 7kg weight, Load bed 50cm X 70cm, maximum load area 64cm X 90cm. Track Width: 720mm