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Circe Morpheus Tandem

Day ride, long tour, ride into town, child transporter, weekly shop, trip to the tip or moving domestic paraphelia, the Morpheus, true to its name, changes form to suit its function.

One of the great joys of cycling is riding out with family and friends, about sharing experience. Tandems can facilitate this by allowing people of different strengths to ride together, both riders putting as much, or as little, effort into the pedals as they prefer. 

The single drawback of this is that the rear rider can usually only see the front rider's back when they look forward. The Morpheus addresses this, with both riders able to look ahead at the same view. It also puts the two riders' heads closer together so conversation becomes relaxed and natural.

To further facilitate the ease of use, the Morpheus uses an independent pedalling system that allows the front rider to choose when or even whether they want to pedal. Such a system works well for couples, but is especially useful for riding with children or for special needs applications.

The recumbent front seat is also particularly comfortable. No more saddle or shoulder soreness and with a simple and extensive range of adjustment, it is easy to optimize comfort and swap riders around.

As well as enabling people to ride together comfortably, the Morpheus is an excellent load carrier and utility bike. In its base configuration it will take a conventional rear rack and and a large underseat rack that will also accept a set of large panniers. Kitted out like this, the Morpheus is ideal for a long, leisurely tour. But that is not all, removing the front seat and installing the Titan 2 platform rack transforms the Morpheus from a tandem into an heavy duty load carrier.

Pick Your Options

Omnis +£2199.00

The Omnis uses the Shimano Alfine 8 speed gear hub, giving smooth changes and keeps all the mechanism inside. One advantage on a tandem is that you can change gear when stationary, making co-ordination with your partner much easier. Deore disc brakes front and rear.

Omnis Plus 2x11 +£2549.00

A 22 speed bike, using the Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub gear nad a double front chainring. This gives a wide range of gears and the option of shifting when staionary using the gear hub. Also fitted with disc brakes front and rear. Ideal for touring.

Aurora +£3199.00

The 14 speed Rohloff gear hub gives smooth and easy changes and a range of 525%. Deore disc brakes front and rear.

Morpheus Frameset +£1075.00

With forks, captain handlebars, stoker handlebars, captain seat post and clamp.

Luggage Racks

Morpheus Platform Front Rack +£160.00

The big front rack capable of carrying a huge amount of stuff so you can turn your Morpheus into a versatile cargo bike. If you want to carry a car child seat for smaller kids.

Racktime rear rack +£39.99

A conventional rack for when the bike is being used as a tandem. Supplied with long fitting brackets.

Drivetrain Options

Alfine 8 Upgrade to 11 Speed +£300.00

Option on the Omnis and Brut, upgrade the Shimano

Mudguards +£34.99

Special 20" wheel mudguards.

Crank Shorteners +£84.99

Screw into the pedal threads of the stokers cranks to reduce the height of the seat from the pedals and the circumference of the pedal stroke.

Esge Twin Leg Kickstand +£34.99

Swiss made dual leg kickstand that folds away into the space of a single leg kickstand. When folded the two legs close together in a scissor action which means this stand is unobtrusive.

Ursus Jumbo Kickstand

The wide stance of this stand means that your bike will remain upright and stable when you are loading and unloading. Ideal if you are carrying children.

Kiddy System +£200.00

The kiddy system is designed to fit to the front boom of the Morpheus, allowing young children to ride on the front. It can be used with, or without, the front chain set in place allowing quick conversion between adult and junior stokers. The crank can be adjusted independently to allow for growing legs!

Harness +£100.00

The RMS harness is designed to provide support and stability to the upper trunk area of the user with the shoulder harness being particularly effective at distributing pressure evenly over the chest and shoulders. It fits to the Re-curve seat of the Morpheus and is useful for children and adults with balance problems, or, who just feel safer being strapped in.