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Classic Bicycles

In the city minimalism has its place, but mostly you want to be safe, dry, clean and comfortable. You should be able to wear your normal working clothes without fear of ruining them and you need a bike that functions day and night, in all weathers, with the minimum of maintenance.

For longer distances comfort is critical; you need to look after your body, think about your handlebars and saddle position. Those contact points are important, you don't want to put unnecessary strain on your wrists or arms, and your saddle should offer all round support without pressure.

Consider weather protection. Hub gears are protected from the elements, shift whenever you want and are virtually maintenance free. You can choose from two, three, seven, eight, nine or even fourteen gear systems designed to take you around the world but ideal for the rigours of the streets. The amazing Pinion gearbox gives you eighteen gears right in the middle of your frame. Disc brakes work efficiently, keep your bike cleaner, and save wear on your rims. Enclosed chains are protected from the weather and protect your clothes. The latest innovation is the belt drive, which is quiet, clean, and should last for thousands of miles.