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Electric Bike Servicing

E-bike repair in London

Electric bikes are perhaps the perfect urban transport solution, but the weight and power of bikes with electric engines puts extra loads on every part of the bike, especially wheels and brakes.

Even bikes which are built to a high standard wear through brake pads and transmission more quickly in normal stop-go city riding conditions. Rear wheels and tyres have to deal with extra loads so it makes sense to have the best quality.

Electric systems themselves tend to be quite reliable, but can suffer from problems with batteries and controllers or just damage to connections. To fix these systems requires speciallist diagnostic equipment and the appropriate software.

Bikefix is London's electric bike repair specialist, with certification in all the most popular systems, including Bosch, Shimano Steps and GoSwiss. We can handle all other systems as well, depending on the availability of parts. Jobs most commonly needed are -

  • Maintenance and upgrades of braking systems.
  • Repairing and upgrading wheels.
  • Diagnosis and repair of control systems
  • Repairs to frames
  • Regular servicing

For most jobs we operate the same "drop it off in the morning, collect in the evening" system as for conventional bikes, but for jobs which may require a lot of diagnostic work we charge £30 for an initial assesment which is then normally included in the cost of the repair. This covers checking and fixing small faults and determining whether spare parts are available. Here is a guide to prices...

Prices do not include parts unless stated...

Checkover Service £60.00
Adjust the brakes and gears, pump the tyres, check that wheels are true and tight and that handlebars and all other parts are securely fixed.  
Standard Service £120.00
Remove the wheels, gears and transmission parts and clean or replace them. Clean the wheels and tension and true them. Check brake blocks and replace if necessary. Price does not include wheelbuilding or replacement of bottom bracket or headset. Replacement of all cables is £20 including parts.  
Full Service £220.00
Complete strip down and rebuild, replacing any parts needed.  
Puncture Repair (including tube) £30.00
Wheelbuilding £50.00
We can use your rim and hub or new parts as required. We can supply extra strong spokes..  
Service Gear Hub (from) £0.00
Replace Broken Spokes and truing wheel £35.00
For frame repairs see separate page