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Fahrrad Manufaktur

fahrrad manufaktur

Fahrrad Manufaktur is a firm set up by the the VSF, the association of independent German cycle dealers, as a result of their dissatisfaction with the ranges the conventional bike manufacturers were offering.

While no longer owned or run by the VSF, they maintain close contacts with their members, they exhibit at their convention in Bremen every year, and it is VSF shops who sell the majority of their bikes.

We can sell any bike from the Fahrrad Manufaktur range.

Their bikes combine the best of old and new: traditional styling, well made quality frames and the most advanced componentry. Materials are used for their suitability for the task, aluminium for its lightness and rigidity, steel for classic long-lasting looks. In Germany all bikes are obliged to be fitted with dynamo systems, and of course Germans expect their bikes to come equipped with all the basics for practical use, luggage racks, chain protection, mudguards and of course, a kickstand.