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Hand Built Wheels

You can buy great wheels off the peg nowadays, so why use a handbuilt wheel?

  • You can re-use an existing hub, which may be in good condition
  • You want the strongest possible wheel
  • You want an unusual or obsolete size which may not be available pre-built
  • You want to use a gear hub, dynamo or hub brake

A well built bicycle wheel is an incredibly strong structure, being able to resist many hundreds of times its weight if loaded radially. You depend on your wheels and it makes sense to have the best. We stock a wide range of rims and hubs including the common sizes used on recumbents and folding bikes and some of the more obscure ones used on older machines.

There are many beautiful and expensive hubs on the market but repeated problems with bearings, seals, flange breakages and corrosion, and the aggravation of replacing a hub before a rim is worn out, leads us to stick to the market leader in most cases. Shimano hubs are the best! We can also supply the Rohloff 14-speed hub gear as well as SRAM, Sturmey Archer and Shimano multispeed gear hubs. For reliable winter lighting you can have a hub generator such as the Shimano Nexus or SON.

Contrary to common belief, the best wheels are not built with the thickest spokes and the most rigid rims, a wheel is a dynamic structure which needs to have elasticity and resilience. For more information we would refer you to the work of Jobst Brandt, who has written the definitive book on the subject.