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Circe Helios Tandem

A great tandem. Light, fast, strong and with loads of luggage carrying capacity. But also so much more.

It fits all sizes of adult and kids down to 1.5m. Remove the rear saddle, replace it with a specially designed rack and carry two Bobike childseats. This extends the range down to tiny kids - just as long as they are old enough to support their heads they can fit in the seat. Remove the childseats and you have a long-bike style load carrier with a massive platform on top for bulky loads.

Replace the rear seatpost and turns back into a conventional tandem that you can ride with your partner or a friend. Its a quality machine capable of thousands of miles of happy touring. A bike for all of life.

The Helios has a strong but lightweight oversized aluminium frame which can transmit the power of two strong riders and keeps the handling sure and confident whether loaded or unloaded. The two 20" wheels make the entire bike small enough to go in the back of many hatchbacks, but the length of the frame gives enough suspension so the bike rolls smoothly and effortlessly.

There is also the option of a packaway frame, a coupling system that makes it small enough to fit into a bag or an Airnimal Traveller case for airline travel. The design, using a compression drain pipe and coupled rear top tube, makes for easy re-coupling, the drain pipe effectively holding the two ends of the tandem in place ready for the insertion the coupled top tube. The two case, or two bag, option requires a bit more dis-assembly, but transmission and brakes will stay in place. The front brake lever stays with the front section and the handlebar with all other levers stays with the rear section. Velcro ties are used for releasing and reconnecting the cables. This system even allows you to convert your tandem to a triplet!

The Helios Triplet Kit can be bought as part of a standalone bicycle or retro-fitted to an already purchased Helios tandem. The modular design means that the triplet can be separated for easier transportation or converted back into a standard separable Helios tandem. You can read Josie Dews account of touring the CHannel Islands with three children here.

So there it is! One bike that can carry two toddlers, a bigger child and toddler, an adult and two kids, two fully grown adults or an adult and 50 kilos of sand. Its a tandem, a triplet or a freight bike and you can put it in a suitcase. Beat that!

The Helios with Steps motor got a great review in Cycle magazine - "an extraordinary machine" - read it here.

Pick Your Options

Duo +£1599.00

18 speed derailleur geared model with Deore V brakes.

Omnis +£1700.00

The Omnis uses the Shimano Alfine 8 speed gear hub, giving smooth changes and keeps all the mechanism inside. One advantage on a tandem is that you can change gear when stationary, making co-ordination with your partner much easier. Acera V brakes and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres.

Brut +£1799.00

As with Omnis with Shimano Alfine 8 speed hub gears, but with the Titan racks in place of the rear stoker seat.

Omnis Plus +£2199.00

A 22 speed bike, using the Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub and two front chainrings. This gives a wide range of gears and the option of shifting when staionary using the gear hub. Also fitted with disc brakes front and rear, Schwalbe Marathon tyres and Premium cranksets front and rear. Ideal for touring.

Auster +£2299.00

With dropped handlebars, Shimano STI shifters and Tiagra 10 speed gears with 39/52 chainrings on the front, this is the one for fast riding. Also has the excellent Schwalbe Kojak tyres and Avid BB7 disc brakes.

Aurora +£3099.00

The 14 speed Rohloff gear hub gives smooth and easy changes and a range of 525%. Fitted with front disc brake, Marathon tyres.

Shimano STEPS Power Assist +£3599.00

Shimano STEPS is a new power assist system which combines an electric motor with their own Di2 electronic shifting. It has the most advanced control and display system we have seen. It also has the option of manual control or fully automatic shifting using the 8 speed Di2 hub gear which gives you absolutely smooth and seamless shifting and pedalling with plenty of help up the hills. More information.

The Circe Helios STEPS model comes with the 8 speed STEPS electronic shifting and equipped as standard with mudguards, rack and Pletscher kickstand.


Front Disc Brake +£50.00

Shimano Deore Cable Disc Brake (standard on Omnis Plus and Aurora)

Rear Disc Brake +£50.00

Shimano Deore Cable Disc Brake (standard on Omnis Plus and Aurora)

Marathon Plus Tyres +£14.00

Extra Puncture resistance.

Alfine 11 Speed +£240.00

Upgrade from Alfine 8 speed to Alfine 11 speed gear hub (Omnis and Brut only)

Luggage Racks

Pannier Support +£29.99

Mounts to the Titan rack to keep side mounted panniers out of the wheel.

Racktime rear rack +£39.99

A conventional rack for when the bike is being used as a tandem. Supplied with long fitting brackets.

Universal rack fitting kit +£16.50

Allows you to fit most makes of rear rack to the Circe, including Tubus and Blackburn.

Titan Rear Rack +£150.00

The dedicated Titan rear rack offers a very robust platform either for a child seat or for conventional panniers. It mounts to reinforced eyelets on the seat stay of both the Helios and Morpheus tandems, giving plenty of clearance for a rear disc brake as well as a rock solid fitting. We recommend the Bobike range of child seats, though other brands will work. Weight: 1.3 kg Size of platform: 41 x 16 cm Max load: 40 kg


Also works in combination with the Cargo rack to give space for two child seats or a childseat plus cargo.

Cargo Rack +£179.00

Replacing the stoker seat post on the Helios tandem, the Cargo rack provides a large central load area, ideal for mounting a child seat or for carrying extra load. In conjunction with the Cargo Extension the rack provides an extended carrying surface to the rear rack turning your Helios into a complete cargo bike. Weight limit: 70 Kg Platform area: 500 x 470 mm

Cargo Extension +£115.00

The Cargo extension can be added to the Cargo rack to provide a full load platform and convert the Helios into a fully functional cargo bike.

Weight Limit: 70 kg Platform area: 800 x 470 mm (in combination with the Cargo rack)


Mudguards +£34.99

Special 20" wheel mudguards.

Crank Shorteners +£84.99

Screw into the pedal threads of the stokers cranks to reduce the height of the seat from the pedals and the circumference of the pedal stroke.

Traveller Case +£279.00

Designed for use with the Joey or the Helios tandem with the separable frame, the Traveller Case will protect your bike on a plane or train. With its dual handles and 4 wheels, it can be easily wheeled or carried. Installation of the ‘Trailer Kit’, converts the Traveller Case into a trailer giving a ‘self contained’ solution for the adventurous traveller. You can now to cycle to the travel terminus, take out your pre-packed touring gear for ‘carry on’ from the trailer and fold bike and trailer parts into the case.

Trailer Kit +£175.00

The Trailer Kit bolts to the bottom of the Traveller Case to give you a handy luggage trailer. The hitch mounts under the left hand rear wheel nut or quick release, and is small and light enough to leave in place. You can now to cycle to the travel terminus, take out your pre-packed touring gear for ‘carry on’ from the trailer and fold bike and trailer parts into the case.

Esge Twin Leg Kickstand +£34.99

Swiss made dual leg kickstand that folds away into the space of a single leg kickstand. When folded the two legs close together in a scissor action which means this stand is unobtrusive.

Ursus Jumbo Kickstand +£40.00

Extra wide twin leg stand, ideal for carrying kids or cargo. Fits hub gear model bikes only.




Helios Front stand +£80.00

The Helios is perfect for child carrying and cargo, but with heavier loads the rear-mounted stand can be a little awkward to use, particular for smaller people. Now you can get this front mounted stand which is easier to reach while stabilizing the bike with the handlebar, and, with the weight over the back wheel, much lighter to use.

The bracket retro-fits to all existing Helios tandems and includes the Ursus Hopper stand for which it is designed.


Packaway Frame +£550.00

Now you can take your Helios anywhere!

Two cunning joints on the top tube lock the bike together. Each joint is made of machined aluminium and is firmly clamped with two 8mm bolts. The bottom tube is an oversized sleeve which simply clamps around the existing frame tubes. The result is a completely rigid frame which takes 20 to 30 minutes to pack away, but will go into quite a small bag.

Triplet kit +£1100.00

The Triplet kit allows the Helios tandem to grow with your family and beyond.

When the youngest child is ready to move out of a child seat, the Triplet kit can be added to the Helios, allowing both children to pedal. A child seat can also be added to the back to accommodate three children. This makes it ideal for the school run or for more adventurous family cycle rides.

With its modular make up the triplet can easily be taken apart to convert it back to a tandem or, allows for easy storage and transport.