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Inspired Cycle Engineering


Way back in the mists of time there was an innovative machine called the Trice, one of the very first recumbent tricycles. It was made by Peter Ross, mostly on his own, and in an era when there were no specialist parts available.

Towards the end of 1998 Chris teamed up with Neil Selwood and together they formed Inspired Cycle Engineering, which took over the manufacture of the Trice from Peter Ross. Within months two new models were launched, the XL and the Explorer. Chris and Neil were aiming to make the Trice range the best in the world and throughout 2000 and 2001 improvements were made on a monthly basis.

SInce then ICE have gone from strength to strength with new models, including the most exciting trike on the market the VTX, and a celebrated ride to the Antarctic on a machine that was later developed into the Fat Trike.