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The battery charger uploaded by the dynamo of your bicycle.

Lightcharge is an innovative battery charger connectable to common dynamos for bicycle. It produces enough energy to supply electronic devices like mobile phones, smartphones, iPod® and Mp3: just connect them to the lightcharge USB and ride. Your mobile phone will no more run down with the battery.

Recharge yourself and your devices riding your bicycle. Read the review on

Lightcharge Touring OPS already has an internal protection against over-voltage for normal speeds typical of a city use of the bike. However, to respond to those cyclists who like paths with long downhill we studied a specific protection called OPS (Overvoltage Protection System).

The salient features are the overvoltage protection for those who reaches 75km/h with wheels from 28' and up to 43Km/h for wheels from 16'. Protection capabilities are the combined effect of two physical factors:

1) the cooling of the air caused by the speed of the vehicle

2) the heat loss to the frame

These factors are obtained only by mounting OPS adherent to the metal frame in such a way that it receives the front or side air flow caused by the speed of the medium. It is forbidden mounting of OPS in location protected from the air and the mounting on non-metallic parts reduces the limits of protection indicated.