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Mike Burrows

Mike the tester
Lotus Pursuit Bike
Andy Wilkinson with the Windcheetah end to end record holder
The 8 Freight
The first Ratcatcher 9
One Way, a prototype fixed wheel bike
Working on the next race bike
2013 Ratracer, with front wheel drive and enclosed chain
mike burrows

The worlds greatest bike designer or so he says.

Originally a model maker, engineer of packaging machinery and later cyclist, his ideas are original and his bikes are beautiful - at least to ride. Responsible for a gold medal winning time trial bicycle manufactured by Lotus for Chris Boardman, (watch him in action) when he won the 1992 Olympic 4000m pursuit in Barcelona. The design was subsequently banned by the UCI - an example of history repeating itself!

In the 1990s, Burrows worked for Giant Bicycles and designed the compact frame TCR road bike among others, although his project for an improved city bike - Amsterdam - never came to fruition.

In the 1990s, Burrows worked for Giant Bicycles and designed the compact frame TCR road bike among others. Burrows' designs often feature monoblade wheels, an idea developed from his work with tricycles. He supplied a bike fitted with a front monoblade to television science presenter Adam Hart-Davis, which featured in some of Hart-Davis' programmes. Hart-Davis also owned a Speedy, finished in pink and yellow. During 2012 he edited the BHPC club magazine.

Mike currently mostly builds 8 Freights, his load carrying bike, for which there is a small market for people wanting to move stuff around, while also trying to make ever faster racing machines. It says something for his design skills that he gets faster every year.

For the 2013 race season Mike has a new bike as usual. This time it is front wheel drive, and with the transmission inside the frame ie down the front monoblade. History was made at the Hillingdon track when Mike won the semi-faired category on it - possibly the first race ever one by a bike with enclosed transmission. For the full story of the development of the Ratracer see Sinking Ever Lower

He has collaborated on publishing projects with Richard Ballantine. Watches birds.

Burrows has written a book, Bicycle Design: Towards the Perfect Machine (ISBN 1-898457-07-7) which outlines the principals of buike design and how they can be made more efficient. His latest book From Bicycle to Superbike (ISBN 13 978-0-9536174-5-6) concentrates on his own journey and lists all the bikes he has made with an explanation of the design principals involved. Both books are essential reading for anybody interested in the bicycle.


Bikes developed or manufactured...

  • Giant TCR
  • Giant Halfway
  • Lotus Pursuit Time Trial Bike
  • Giant Amsterdam (never manufactured)
  • Speedy or Windcheetah trike including three versions fully faired.
  • Ratcatcher
  • Ratracer
  • Ratracer B.
  • Ratracer SL (Alfie)
  • 8 Freight
  • 2D
  • Gordon