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Alex Moulton spent a lifetime reinventing the bicycle. Arguably the Moulton is the ancestor of every small wheeled bike and every full suspension bike that we ride today.

It was Alex Moultons original realisation that the combination of rigid frame, high pressure tyres and suspension could make a bike that was lighter, stronger, faster and more comfortable that has inspired every new Moulton since that first prototype monocoque in 1959.


The original Moulton was a bike for the masses, and helped define the "Swinging Sixties".  The TSR's are made by Pashley in Stratford on Avon and start from about £1000. Moultons from the original factory at The Hall in Bradford on Avon aim to be the best bicycles you can buy, at prices starting from £4000.

How can you justify spending between £4000 and £16000 on a bicycle? This is a bike which is as strong and as light as many very expensive carbon fibre bicycles, but will last for decades rather than a few years. The frame is rigid but comfortable. The stainless steel frame will never scratch or corrode, so that it will look as good as new for years to come. It is a bike that can be ridden fast, or loaded for touring. It will hold its value, as it will never be mass produced. And it will give the pleasure of ownership well beyond the actual riding experience.