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Moulton AM GT

The stainless steel AM.

The AM was Alex Moultons re-invention of the small wheeled suspension bike concept and was first produced in 1973. With the new 17" (369) wheels and an entirely new suspension system, it was a bike for the discerning rider.

The GT is the Grand Tourer and includes all the Moulton innovations. The wishbone stem is hand made rom stainless steel. There is a selection of matching racks and the frame separates in the middle for easy transport. It comes fitted with mudguards and a Brooks "Swift" saddle.

Full Moulton Specification Table

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Luggage Racks

Day Bag Rack +£150.00

Headtube Bottle Cage Mounts +£45.00

Large Rear Carrier (Stainless Steel) +£335.00

Front Platform Carrier (Stainless Steel) +£280.00

Day Bag Rack (Stainless Steel) +£220.00


Day Bag +£45.00

Made from light weight Sail Cloth. Attaches with velcro straps.

Large Rear Bag +£195.00

Large rear carrier bag with or without side bags. Includes an elasticated bungee top and D loops.

Front Bag +£80.00

Front bag to fit front platform carrier. Comes with map top and detachable shoulder strap. Reflective thread stitching.

Tool Bag +£24.00


Bottle Cage +£45.95

A stainless steel bottle cage made by Nitto, which matches the stainless finish of the bicycle.