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Moulton New Series

The New Series Moultons. Designed without compromise. A stainless steel frame, wishbone stem, Hydrolastic rear suspension and Flexitor front fork give you perhaps the most advanced bicycle you can buy.

Launched in 1998, fifteen years after the introduction of the AM space frame, the New Series Moulton was launched which was equipped with a radical new suspension system and benefited from further weight-saving making a faster and more comfortable performance machine. Whilst sharing the architecture of the now legendary AM series, the flexitor and hydrolastic suspension systems of the NS offer increased refinement and improved ride comfort.

Full Moulton Specification Table

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Luggage Racks

Day Bag Rack +£150.00

Headtube Bottle Cage Mounts +£45.00

Large Rear Carrier (Stainless Steel) +£335.00

Front Platform Carrier (Stainless Steel) +£280.00

Day Bag Rack (Stainless Steel) +£220.00


Day Bag +£45.00

Made from light weight Sail Cloth. Attaches with velcro straps.

Large Rear Bag +£195.00

Large rear carrier bag with or without side bags. Includes an elasticated bungee top and D loops.

Front Bag +£80.00

Front bag to fit front platform carrier. Comes with map top and detachable shoulder strap. Reflective thread stitching.

Tool Bag +£24.00


Bottle Cage +£45.95

A stainless steel bottle cage made by Nitto, which matches the stainless finish of the bicycle.