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Bacchetta Giro 26 ATT

Bacchetta make bikes which are very much aimed at people who want a lightweight recumbent to replace the classic road bike. The aim is to make something as light, as stiff and as fast as possible. The aluminium framed version of the Giro-26, the ATT with its two 26" wheels gives a fast reclined riding position and low rolling resistance and also has the benefit of disc brakes.

The key to comfort and aerodynamics on any recumbent is a well designed seat and the ability to recline that seat to an optimum position. While new riders may start off preferring a more upright seat, most riders over time will come to prefer the improved comfort and better aerodynamics of a more reclined seat. All Bacchetta bikes have a seat which is almost infinitely variable in angle so you can get the best position for you from the outset.

The Giro ATT comes as standard with Bacchettas Euromesh seat, which combines the support and rigidity of a hard shell seat with the ventilation of a mesh seat. It is also possible to fit the Bacchetta carbon seat and the Recurve seat which offers more support around the backside. Keep in mind that these bikes have been designed specifically for a more reclined riding position and that the seats, including the Re-curve mesh, have been designed to accommodate that position. All Bacchetta seats incorporate the lumbar curve and upper back support that is normally only found in a hard shell design. All the seats slide on the main boom using quick release brackets and can accomodate a range of rider sizes without having to adjust the length of the chain. This makes it a great bike for sharing in the household, and means all your friends will be able to try it out too!

The ATT frame is made of aluminium in a unique teardrop profile. Its light and very strong, since having no curves means you can use the lightest, most rigid section and the teardrop profile also means the seat is always held at the proper angle.

Among international long distance riders the Bacchetta is probably the most popular choice of recumbent bike. In events like the 1200km Paris Brest Paris they outnumber all other brands of recumbent due to their strength and efficiency. For a bike that provides the greatest performance benefits of recumbent riding in a simple, strong, affordable package, you can't do better.

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