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moto pedals
Only 15mm thin
Simple but innovative design

Moto Urban Pedals

There are three points of contact between rider and bicycle. If you care about your hands and your back side, it makes sense to pay as much attention to the propulsion interface: your feet.

Working with a team that included engineers from the aerospace industry, Moto Bicycles in Berlin spent four years developing a bike pedal with a difference. They have achieved ergonomics, security, slim lines and and light weight by systematically reducing the number of components. The pedals weigh in at just 320g per pair and are only 15mm thick. Manufactured in Germany from high-quality materials, the MOTO Pedal features a sandwich construction developed using cutting-edge engineering expertise. Two load-bearing shells, enclosed in a wooden frame with rounded corners, in turn enclose an axle of highly tempered CNC-machined stainless steel. The load-bearing shells are made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic with a honeycomb structure, giving a good balance between rigidity and weight. The continuous pedal surface and strong grip tape ensures safety and excellent adhesion, preventing slips even with smooth leather soles in wet conditions.