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Moulton New Series Speed

The New Series Speed is the lightest Moulton you can buy. A stainless steel frame, wishbone stem, Hydrolastic rear suspension and Flexitor front fork. Further weight is shaved off the frame and seatpost by the use of the unique "pylon" seatpost and carbon fibre fork blades.

This bike has possibly the greatest strength to weight ratio in the cycling world.

Full Moulton Specification Table

Pick Your Options

Luggage Racks

Day Bag Rack +£220.00

Headtube Bottle Cage Mounts +£45.00

Large Rear Carrier (Stainless Steel) +£440.00


Day Bag +£45.00

Made from light weight Sail Cloth. Attaches with velcro straps.

Large Rear Bag +£195.00

Large rear carrier bag with or without side bags. Includes an elasticated bungee top and D loops.

Tool Bag +£24.00


Bottle Cage +£45.95

A stainless steel bottle cage made by Nitto, which matches the stainless finish of the bicycle.