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Paper Bicycle

A simple thing, done well. The Paper Bicycle is a machine that just works every time you need it to, and lets you arrive comfortable clean and refreshed. Its everyone's bicycle, it will fit anyone; it shops, it commutes, it does the school run, but its really just your bicycle. It was made for you, in your colour, and its your using it that brings it to life. Rack, basket and dynamo lights are all options. The CroMo steel frame has a lifetime warranty. Its fitted with drum brakes, and 8 speed hub gears are an option. The 26"x2" tyres are puncture resistant and reflective. All Paper Bicycles have a kickstand, and painted stainless steel mudguards. Rims and most fittings are silver aluminium.

Pick Your Options


Hub Dynamo powered LED lights, with a rear standlight +£70.00



Big Apple tyres, black vinyl saddle, black plastic chain panels

Board Racer

Fat Frank tyres in brown cream or black. no mudguards

Wood & Leather +£200.00

Wooden chain panels, leather Brookes B17 special saddle, brass bell