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HPV Racing

HPV racing is bicycle racing without technical restriction, a jeux sans frontiers. Any human powered vehicle is allowed and technical innovation is celebrated. Apart from the "Open" class, for which all participants automatically qualify, there are usually a few more restricted classes to give everybody a chance for glory. These vary a little from country to country but are usually;

  • Semi faired - the riders outline can be seen from the side
  • Unfaired, no bolt-on aerodynamic extras
  • Multi-track - more than two wheels

In the UK we also have Sports Class for bikes above a given height, Street class for everyday bikes, and Juniors. There are usually about a dozen races in the UK every year with a World Championships in a different country every year. For most events you don't need to register in advance or be a club member, you can just turn up and race.

Human Powered Vehicles around the world...

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