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Raptobike Midracer

The Mid Racer is front wheel drive and dividable in two sections. The frame splits under the seat. This allows for easier transport and means that setting the bike to the rider does not require changing the length of the chain. Perhaps even more importantly this also means that the space between the bottom bracket and wheel is fixed, so shorter riders will also enjoy riding without crank/wheel interference.

The front wheel drive also means it uses a very short chain and cables and gets the seat low without having the chain interfere with the front wheel when turning. The frame is made of oversized aluminum so it is light, stiff and strong. All frames are suited for V-brakes and disc brakes. The riders position is reclined, so speed comes naturally, however it is also adaptable and with minor add-ons you can make it suitable for touring and commuting.

The basic bike has an affordable price yet is finished with A-grade components by SRAM and Avid. The frame is suited for a range of gearing options such as 9 speed derailleur options and hub drives like Rohloff or Schlumpf drives. You can also fit a conventional rear rack for normal panniers or use specialist recumbent bags for touring.

The Pricelist

Pick Your Options

8 speed X.5 with 52t/26 +£1450.00

8 speed - SRAM X.5 derailleur, 26" wheels, marathon tyres

16 speed X.5 52/42 double/26 +£1680.00

16 speed - SRAM X.7 derailleur with twist grip shifters, 26" wheels and Marathon tyres.

9 speed Sram X.9/26 +£1625.00

9 speed Sram X.9 with 52t chainwheel and SRAM twistgrips - 26" wheels

18 speed X.9 60/50 double/26 +£1700.00

18 Speed - SRAM X.7 with 50/60 chainwheels, Kojak or Durano tyres, 26" wheels

Alfine 11/26 +£2150.00

Shimano Alfine 11 speed gear hub and 26" wheels

Rohloff 14/26 +£2600.00

Rohloff 14 speed gear hub and 26" wheels

90 Degree Angle

default and most straight positioning of the wrist

110 Degree Angle

suited for taller people or people who prefer their handlebars to be a bit wider

Fixed Tiller

Pivoting Tiller +£36.00

Handlebars lift up. Makes the bike a lot easier to get in and out of.


SKS Mudguards +£50.00

Luggage Racks