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Rohloff Hub Servicing

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Dirty Rohloff

We are the place to bring your Rohloff equipped bike. We keep all the basic spares and can advise you on fitting and upgrades.

The basic services we offer are;

  • Oil change - recomended once a year or every 5 000 km - £40.00
  • Converting existing bikes to Rohloff - bring your bike in for a quote
  • Replacing cables - quite fiddly
  • Changing axle plates to fit different styles of bike

Thats about it! It really is low maintainance!

Information about the Rohloff

The Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 offers reliability, low maintenance, easy operation and fourteen evenly spaced gears. All the working parts are sealed inside so it is 100% reliable even under the toughest conditions such as rain, sand, mud and snow. The steps between each gear are all 13.6%, so you will always be in the most efficient gear for the conditions.

The Speedhub is operated by a twist shifter which pulls separate cables when shifting up or down. Gears are changed both up and down using cable tension, there are no springs. The indexing of the shifting system lies not in the shifter but inside the hub. This eliminates problems at the shifter.

Servicing consists of a simple oil change once a year. Here are some of the advantages compared to conventional derailleur systems:

  • 14 usable gears in all weather conditions including thick mud.
  • High speed precision shifting.
  • Low maintenance as all the working parts are sealed inside.
  • No gear adjustments needed. Ever!
  • Perfect chainline.
  • A very strong wheel as the spoke tension is the same on both sides of the wheel.
  • Symmetric, reversible cog so you can make it last longer.
  • Higher durability of chainring, chain and cog due to the lack of sideways forces.
  • A shorter chain which saves weight and doesn't bounce about.
  • No chainsuck, that annoying thing that happens off road when your chain gets jammed between the frame and the wheel.
  • A quick sweep of the shift lever in any gear is possible.
  • All the gears on one grip.
  • Shifting is possible in any situation (while freewheeling, standing still, while pedaling forwards and backwards, etc.) Mis-shifts are impossible.

More information is available on the Rohloff web site.

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