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Scorpion Plus 20 folded size
The swept forward crossframe makes it easy to get on and off

Scorpion Plus 20

The Scorpion Plus is a recumbent tricycle designed to help older people enjoy the pleasures and benefits of cycling. The large, comfortable seat removes any pressure on the back side, and the relaxed riding position banishes fatigue in the wrists, hands or shoulders.

Anyone who cycles regularly into older age adds years to their life expectancy. Regular exercise can reduce stress and depression and cycling is a particularly low impact activity (second only to swimming) which keeps you fit and alert.

There are more good reasons for cycling in older age. Cycling involves smooth, regular movement: it doesn't put big stresses and strains on your body. It is estimated that cycling four miles daily reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50 per cent. It's good aerobic exercise, yet puts no load-bearing strain on joints or muscles – good news if you are arthritic, a bit overweight or generally unfit. Cycling for half an hour regularly is a great way to shed extra pounds. Regular cycling improves lung function: useful if you suffer from bronchitis or asthma.

The Scorpion Plus is available in two basic versions, the Plus 20, with a 20" rear wheel or the Plus 26 with a 26" rear wheel. This page refers to the Plus 20, which has the advantages of being a little more compact and having a little more luggage carrying capacity due to the design of the rear rack. The rack has a useful top platform as well as the capacity to carry side panniers. Smaller wheels are a lttle more manoevreable in tight spaces. The folded size is a little smaller and unfolded it is 18cm shorter. If you want a trike which is slightly smoother rolling and the length is not an issue, you might want to consider the Scorpion Plus 26.

The seat of the Scorpion Plus is optimally placed between the three wheels to maximise stability, making balance problems a thing of the past and giving easy low speed manoeuvrability. It is at a comfortable height for for getting on and off with the pedals easily accessible, and there is very low gearing for getting you up the hills. Recumbents are famously fast descenders though, so you may need to take advantage of the hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels, which will stop you on a sixpence.

There are also a range of options designed to make riding the Scorpion even easier and more enjoyable. The excellent Go Swissdrive 250w power assist or the Shimano STEPS automatic 8 speed can help on the hills and gives a range of up to 130 km, which can be doubled with the optional extra battery. There are special pedals for holding feet in place, some handles to make it easier to get in and out, and even a bracket for carrying a walking aid.

The Scorpion Plus is also easy to transport. By removing the seat and loosening the hinge,it folds to just 81 x 91 x 83 cm within less than 30 seconds. It will fit into the boot of most hatchback cars and with the cover can be taken on many types of public transport. It can carry plenty of luggage. The rear rack has a platform on top as well as space for a pair of large pannier bags and with the lowrider rack two more bags (up to 50 kg luggage) can be positioned underneath the seat. There is a brand new quick-lock bracket for walking aids with a stainless steel safety clip: a walking aid can be pushed in, securely clipped into place and pulled out again using just one hand. 

For people who are getting older but want to remain fit and active, the Scorpion Plus 20 is the perfect vehicle for fully supported, low intensity exercise. Every Scorpion Plus is assembled by hand in Germany to the customers choice of specification and usually delivered within four weeks.

  • Frame: Scorpion plus 20 (Alu 7005 T6) 10 years warranty
  • Colour: Plain Sahara Silver or Magma Red with front boom and chainstays in black; other colours as an option
  • Seat height: from 43 cm (BodyLink hard shell) up to 57 cm (ErgoMesh HS plus mesh seat)
  • Seat angle: 35 - 44°
  • Suspension: HP Velotechnik McPherson strut with stabilizer system (front 60 mm)
  • Length: 168 - 200 cm (adjustable for riders with height from 149 - 200 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 110 cm
  • Width/Track width: 91 cm / 86 cm
  • Ground clearence: 16 cm
  • Turning circle: 4.75 m
  • Weight: from 18,8 kg
  • Max. Payload: up to 150 kg
  • Folded Package: 81 x 91 x 83 cm (LxWxH)

Pick Your Options

Plain Sahara Silver

Magma Red

Custom colour +£145.00

You can choose any colour you like, please supply the correct RAL number in the comments field of your order form.

As colour display on the internet is not standardized and depends on your monitor's colour settings, the shown colours are only an indication. A more precise idea of how the colour looks like can be obtained with a printed RAL-colour chart.

BodyLink seat

Perhaps the most comfortable recumbent seat you can get, the BodyLink seat adjusts to the natural S-shape of the spine: the combination of a rigid anatomically shaped seat base and a slightly curved back rest with a flexible intermediate section offers the rider perfect support over a large area. The height of the front seat edge and the lumbar support can be easily adjusted with a quick release lever. The same goes for the back rest. The length of the seat can be adjusted after loosening the 4 screws in the seat back so it will fit any size and shape of spine.

BodyLink seat with brackets for smaller cyclists

Brings the seat 4cm forwards.

Ergomesh seat

The ErgoMesh seat has a breathable mesh back and ergonomic side cushioning that provides extra side support when cornering, and a practical seat pocket integrated into the back rest of the seat. For extra safety it is equipped with reflective stripes on its sides. Both seats fit onto the same frame mounts and can be removed from the bike within 15 seconds by quick release mounts - this comes extra handy when parking the bike in the rain or for transport in your car. The ErgoMesh seat will give you a 3cm higher seat height compared to the BodyLink seat; a higher seat position offers a better view in traffic and you can get easily on and off more easily.

Ergomesh XL seat

The extra wide ErgoMesh XL seat is 5cm wider and the back support is 3cm longer for bigger framed people. Raises the seating position by 4cm compared with the Bodylink seat.

Ergomesh HS

Makes the seat 11 cm higher. A higher seat position offers a better view in traffic and you can get easily on and off your trike, however, with a higher seat your trike is more easy to tip when cornering fast.

Please also order "Long Handlebars for High Seat" from the Seat Options

Ergomesh HS XL

A wider seat which raises the seating position by 11cm for the larger rider who wants a higher and more upright riding position. This gives comfortable to get in and out of the seat and reduces the relative height of the pedals, to give an easier and less reclined riding position.

Please also order "Long Handlebars for High Seat" from the Seat Options

Seat Options

Airflow Seat Cushion for Bodylink Seat +£65.00

Breathable mesh fabric is combined with a comfortable cushion. Air flows through large openings in the spine channel of the seat and the Airflow cushion effectively wicks away moisture.

If you don't choose this option the seat will be supplied with a foam cushion.

Headrest for Bodylink seat +£90.00

For longer rides and more reclined riding position the headrest is recommended. It adjusts easliy for height and angle with a knurled knob.

Seatwings +£150.00

To increase the BodyLink's lateral support for trike riders, the BodyLink seat can be equipped with HP Velotechnik's SeatWings, a comfortable airflow-padded carbon fibre hip support. SeatWings easily bolt on the existing BodyLink seat and are width-adjustable via slotted holes. The upper part of the riders body will remain free for active riding, while the extra support adds comfort and security.

Long Handlebars for High Seat +£12.00

Required for either the Ergomesh HS or Ergomesh XL HS seats to bring the handlebars up to a comfortable position

Seat raincover +£14.00

A lightweight nylon cover that tucks into its own pouch behind the seat.

Headrest for Ergomesh Seat +£105.00

Front boom with derailleur tube

If you have chosen a hub gear such as the Rohloff or DualDrive your bike will normally be supplied without a front derailleur tube, which looks much simpler and cleaner, but it can be useful for mounting a light bracket or even brackets using something like a Minoura spacegrip.

Carbon front boom +£180.00

Saves 170g of weight.

Front boom without derailleur tube

To go with hub gears such as the DualDrive or Rohloff.

SRAM DualDrive 24 speed

This is an internal 3 speed hub gear, which works in combination with a conventional 8 speed derailleur to give a total of 24 gears. You can shift through the gears when stationary and you can use a normal size chainring. The shifts are smooth and reliable, the Dual Drive being the only self-actuated gear hub on the market, meaning that the rotation of the hub assists the change. The middle gear is direct drive, the other two gears are 25% up and 33% down. Twist gear shifters.

SRAM/30 30 speed +£180.00

SRAM/30 30 speed SRAM GX, With under seat steering with SRAM 500SL barend shifters; with Above Seat Steering with SRAM:twist shifters. Wide range 10 speed 11-34 cassette.

SRAM DualDrive 27 speed/XT derailleur & bar end shifters +£225.00

The DualDrive internal 3 speed hub gear works in combination with a Shimano XT 9 speed derailleur to give a total of 27 gears. Bar end shifters give a positive and reliable change and you can shift through the hub gears when stationary. In use the shifts are smooth and reliable, although the middle gear has no indexing.

GO SWISSDRIVE pedelec/27 speed XT +£2240.00

HP are now offering the GO SWISSDRIVE pedelec system in the 250 W class. This comes with a high performance yet compact 446 Wh BMZ battery pack (incl. a 5 A charger!) for a range of up to 105 km. With a capacity of 446 Wh, the 36.2 V, 12.4 Ah battery drives a 250 W motor with a torque of over 40 Nm.

More details

Electric assist options compared

SRAM DualDrive/XT 81 speed +£360.00

Combining a 3 speed DualDrive with a 27 speed XT derraileur system gives a total of 81 gears. This system has a lot of duplicate gears, but it allows you to take advantage of a trikes stability to go very slowly with very little effort.

Rohloff 14 speed gear hub +£1125.00

This completely revolutionary 14 speed gear hub gives a total range of 526% in even increments of 13.6%. A wider range than a 24 speed derailleur system and with more regular steps. Since all the working parts are enclosed within the hub this is the choice for long miles and heavy use.

One Handed Controls (RH) +£500.00

With this option you can have all the controls on either the left or right hand. It includes Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes using a special lever to pump fluid to both the brakes, a DualDrive hubgear with a twist shifter and a bar-end shifter, and a thumbshift operated parking brake. If you choose this there is no need to choose any other braking or shifting options.

One Handed Controls (LH) +£500.00

With this option you can have all the controls on either the left or right hand. It includes Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes using a special lever to pump fluid to both the brakes, a DualDrive hubgear with a twist shifter and a bar-end shifter, and a thumbshift operated parking brake. If you choose this there is no need to choose any other braking or shifting options.

Shimano STEPS Power Assist System +£1880.00

Shimano have created a system for electric bikes which combines an electric motor with their own Di2 electronic shifting. It has an advanced control and display system and the option of manual control or fully automatic shifting using the 8 speed Di2 hub gear which gives you absolutely smooth and seamless shifting and pedalling with plenty of help up the hills.

Read more.

Electric assist options compared

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes

If you prefer cable operated brakes for their easy serviceability.

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic +£85.00

Hydraulic brakes give a smoother action and are not subject to cable corrosion and breaking. Tektros brakes are simple and reliable.

Shimano XT Disc Brakes +£170.00

Shimano make some of the nicest disc brakes you can buy. Smooth, reliable and easy to maintain.

Avid BB7 mechanical - right hand coupled operation +£45.00

Both cable brakes operated by right hand lever. Left lever operates rear parking brake.

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic - left hand coupled operation +£190.00

Both hydraulic brakes operated by left hand lever. Right lever operates rear parking brake.

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic - right hand coupled operation +£190.00

Both hydraulic brakes operated by right hand lever. Left lever operates rear parking brake.

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes - left hand coupled operation +£40.00

Both cable brakes operated by left hand lever. Right lever operates rear parking brake.


Mirror - Busch & Muller "E" +£40.00

The B&M "E" has a glass lens and a long stalk, so it works well with trikes.

Mirror - B&M both sides +£80.00

The B&M "E" has a glass lens and a long stalk, both sides gives you excellent all-round visibility.

Mirror - Mirrycle +£32.00

The Mirrycle mirror works particularly well, with a large glass lense and very secure mounting in the end of the special HP mounts.

Mirror - Mirrycle both sides +£70.00

With two mirrors fitted you have a full range of vision behind you. Also handy when you travel abroad.

Luggage Racks

Rear Rack +£125.00

12mm 6061 T6 aluminium alloy tube, black powder coating, complete with rear reflector and bolts, mounts to frame and rear suspension pivots. Maximum load 25 kgs.

Trike Mudguards +£170.00

A full set of chromoplastic mudguards with strong aluminium mudguard mounts. specially designed for trike use. The inner surface and the bottom edge are designed to provide maximum rider protection against spray, especially when cornering. The round profile with 2 ¼ inch width enables you to mount wide comfortable tyres.


Shimano T8000 clipless pedals +£75.00

Shimano PD-T8000 for normal and SPD shoes These pedals have a decent sized platform on one side which you can use with almost any shoes, and Shimano SPD clip in fittings on the other.

Water Bottle Set +£38.00

Two specially designed HP Velotechnik "moonbiker" bottles with cages and mounting bracket for fixing to the frame behind the seat. A neat, tidy and secure alternative to hydration systems.

Streamer Front Fairing +£385.00

The Streamer is a very well designed front fairing from HP Velotechnik that improves your efficiency and riding comfort, protects you from the elements and helps you slip through the air with minimum effort.

Moonbiker flag +£15.00

For extra conspicuity - and to keep your mother happy.

Standing Aids +£170.00

This practical handle makes getting in and out easier. A practical, useful accessory to make HP three wheelers more suitable for rehabilitation purposes.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus +£20.00

If you hate punctures this tyre has the Schwalbe Tourguard puncture resistant layer which makes it almost impregnable. A deep foam belt effectively expels anything which tries to get through the tread.

Schwalbe Tryker

Tyres specially designed for tricycles with a wider, flatter profile.

Rear shock DNM DV22 80 > 100 kilos

Rear shock DNM DV22 > 80 kilos

A coil spring rear shock with hydraulic damping. Up to 80 kilos combined rider and luggage weight. Preload adjustable.

Rear shock DNM DV22 100 >130 kilos

Rear shock Rock Shox Monarch RL +£190.00

A lightweight airshock with adjustable spring rate and damping. The spring rate is set with an air pump. By setting the pressure in the pressure chamber, you can individually adjust the suspension feel and comfort.


SON 20R dynamo/Edelux light +£430.00

The disc version of the highly efficient SON 20R dynamo combined with SON's own Edelux front light. Standlights front and rear and internal wiring.

B&M Dymotech 6 with standlights front and rear +£135.00

A sidewall generator that runs on the tyre. It is combined with LED lights front and rear and wiring run internally through the frame.

80 Lux light for E-Bike system +£150.00

Only in conjunction with GoSwiss ans Shimano STEPS electric assist. IQ Fly headlight, B&M rear light. 80 lux output.

SON XS hub dynamo/B&M IQ +£475.00

The disc version of the highly efficient SON XS dynamo combined with IQ-X LED front light. Standlights front and rear and internal wiring. Up to 100 lux output.

140 Lux light for E-Bike system +£270.00

For use with power assist systems. With B&M IQ-X front light. 140w with Go Swiss Drive, 80 lux with Shimano STEPS.


Moonbiker sidebags +£225.00

Large 70 litre, specially designed recumbent bags with low aerodynamic drag. Two way zip, stabilising compresion straps. Cordura with PU waterproofing and heavy duty zips.

Microbag +£32.00

A cordura pouch for the BodyLink seat. When you take it off the bike you can wear it as a hip bag. Perfect for those bits and pieces.

Drivetrain Options

Short cranks +£22.00

HP recommend these for riders under 5' 7" (175cm). We would recommend them to anyone for the reduced knee movement, leading to smoother, faster, more efficient pedalling and better handlebar clearance if you have steering above the seat. NB: your effective gear will be increased by about 10%.

Chainring disc +£22.00

Replaces the standard chainguard and saves about 150g.