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The Singletrailer is the unique single-track suspension equipped child’s trailer. With the Singletrailer real off road tours are possible, even across the roughest terrain. The child sits, gently cushioned, in a chassis produced from extra-light but highly durable tubular steel with a roll bar. The five-point harness ensures additional safety. The Singletrailer is just 45 cm wide – i.e. narrower than your mountain bike – and weighs only 9.5 kg.

When you are not riding the trailer is easy to fold and transport. The front hitch folds inside the canopy and the rear wheel comes off with the push of a button, leaving just the dimensions of the passenger cage.

See how it handles!

  • Spring travel 160 or 200 mm (adjustable)
  • Stable and crash-proof frame with roll bar from CrMo steel
  • Lateral forces have hardly any effect on your child thanks to corner banking
  • Three different cover options from high quality Cordura
  • Five-point safety seat belt with padding High quality, comfortable seat made from breathable material
  • Seat with PU foam prevents the child from becoming chilly or overheating
  • High quality CNC-produced joint with ball-bearing for connection to the bike
  • Extremely low rolling resistance due to single-tracked design
  • Simple handling due to the low overall weight of just 9.5 kg
  • For children from 3 months (with baby carrier) to approx. 5 years (max. 25 kg)
  • Available seat clamp sizes 26.8 mm, 27 mm, 27,2 mm, 30mm, 30,9 mm, 31,4mm, 31,6 mm., 35mm

Pick Your Options


Rear Mudguard +£45.00

Cargo Bag +£35.00

Weber Infant Seat +£150.00

Toddlers up to an age of max. 12 months or 14 kg weight are better transported with this infant carrier in the bicycle trailer. The Weber Infant Seat has a high-quality aluminum frame that can be adjusted to the desired size of the child with ease by loosening the twist grip and moving the support frame tubes.
The adjustable back length is 35 cm - 55 cm. Washable cover. How to adjust.


Thule Baby Supporter +£70.00

Padded side and headrests ensure that your baby sits comfortably upright.
As a follow-up solution for the baby seat, the seat support stabilizes the posture of small children who can already sit upright but whose back muscles are not yet fully developed. Head and torso are supported so that even sleeping children sit well.

  • For toddlers from 6-18 months (depending on the size of the child)
  • Height-adjustable headrest to adapt to body size
  • Removable headrest allows wearing a helmet