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SON XS Radial Wheel

Developed by Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau (SON) specifically for Bromptons, the new Radial hub uses straight pull spokes laced in a radial pattern. Removing the most highly stressed part of the spoke (the bend) makes the wheel stronger, prettier, and 40 grams lighter.
We are offering complete wheels built with 2.0/1.5mm butted spokes and with a matching colour Edelux front light with wiring.
Since the new hub body is constructed in four sections it can be supplied with coloured anodized inner sections and silver or black anodized flanges. We will soon have black and silver available from stock. The versions with coloured internal parts are available to order.

Pick Your Options

Silver Anodised

A slightly matt finish due to the anodising process.

Black Anodised