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A bike designed for city streets but equally at home on country lanes, the Spirit follows the classic compact long wheelbase format, and applies the high standards of design, quality and specification that we have come to expect from HP Velotechnik.

Comfort is the starting point of this bike. The riding position is designed to give the optimum compromise between long distance comfort and ease of use and is complemented by suspension front and rear. The option of Bionx electric assist must make it one of the best electric bikes you can buy.

The Spirit is suitable for people that are from 150 to 200 cm (5' to 6'7") tall, and the quick seat adjustment means every member of the family can get on and ride in seconds. Adjustment is by sliding the seat on a smooth aluminium rail; as the seat moves forwards it also moves down so shorter people can easily reach the ground, and the seat base and back support are multi-adjustable.

Optional disc brakes give the Spirit powerful and reliable braking in all conditions, keep the bike clean and avoid wear on the rims. For those who want a little assistance there is the Bionx PL250HT SL 48-Volt system offering 423 Wh and 40 Nm at a range of up to 105 km.

To truly appreciate what a breakthrough in personal transport the Spirit represents you have to ride it. With your body cradled in the comfortable seat and the suspension soaking up the road, the Spirit floats around corners and over pot holes. The steering is so light and precise that the lightest touch on the bars is needed to point you exactly where you want to go. Plenty of leg clearance makes U-turns easy and when you have to stop the smallest movement of the leg is needed to put your foot on the ground.

Pick Your Options

Luggage Racks

Lowrider Rack +£80.00

Under seat mounting, black powder coating, 10mm 6061 T6 aluminium tube. Gives maximum stability for heavy loads, but will increase your wind resistance with bags mounted. Maximum load 25 kgs.

Mudguards (HP) +£44.00

Keep you and your bike cleaner and dryer in the rain.

Schwalbe Marathon Racer

A good, fast, lightweight folding tyre with a shallow tread and Kevlar belt.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus +£20.00

If you hate punctures this tyre has the Schwalbe Tourguard puncture resistant layer which makes it almost impregnable. A deep foam belt effectively expels anything which tries to get through the tread.


Shimano T8000 clipless pedals +£80.00

Shimano PD-T8000 for normal and SPD shoes These pedals have a decent sized platform on one side which you can use with almost any shoes, and Shimano SPD clip in fittings on the other.

Moonbiker flag +£15.00

For extra conspicuity - and to keep your mother happy.


Mirror - Busch & Muller "E" +£55.00

The B&M "E" has a glass lens and a long stalk, so it works well with trikes.

Mirror - B&M both sides +£110.00

The B&M "E" has a glass lens and a long stalk, both sides gives you excellent all-round visibility.


Moonbiker Seatbag +£85.00

Made of strong water resistant Cordura and custom tailored to match the Spirit's seat. Zip on top, 40L volume. The bag is easily hung at the top of the seat back and secured with two straps to the seat frame. It comes with a shoulder belt. Black with reflective strip and embroidered Spirit logo.

Blue Grey

Melon Yellow

Custom colour +£150.00

You can choose any colour you like, please supply the correct RAL number in the comments field of your order form.

As colour display on the internet is not standardized and depends on your monitor's colour settings, the shown colours are only an indication. A more precise idea of how the colour looks like can be obtained with a printed RAL-colour chart.


Folding Handlebar Stem +£160.00

The folding stem makes the bike easier to store and transport

Rear shock DNM DV22 > 80 kilos

A coil spring rear shock with hydraulic damping. Up to 80 kilos combined rider and luggage weight. Preload adjustable.

Rear shock Rock Shox Monarch RL +£225.00

A lightweight airshock with adjustable spring rate and damping. The spring rate is set with an air pump. By setting the pressure in the pressure chamber, you can individually adjust the suspension feel and comfort.

No Front Suspension

Airwings Suspension Forks +£210.00

Air adjustable front suspension with 4cm of travel built into the headtube.

SRAM 8 Speed Derailleur

The DualDrive internal 3 speed hub gear works in combination with a Shimano XT 9 speed derailleur to give a total of 27 gears. Bar end shifters give a positive and reliable change and you can shift through the hub gears when stationary. In use the shifts are smooth and reliable, although the middle gear has no indexing.

SRAM DualDrive 24 speed +£85.00

This is a combined three speed hub gear and eight speed derailleur to give a total of 24 gears. It has the advantage is that you can change gear when stationary and you don't need a front gear mech.

Rohloff 14 speed gear hub +£1095.00

This completely revolutionary 14 speed gear hub gives a total range of 526% in even increments of 13.6%. A wider range than a 24 speed derailleur system and with more regular steps. Since all the working parts are enclosed within the hub this is the choice for long miles and heavy use.

BionX PL250HTSL Electric Assist +£1200.00

The BionX PL250HTSL auxiliary electric drive comes with a quick power delivery 48v Li-Ion 423 w/h battery and throttle control. The control unit has multiple settings to control battery life and power output. Weighs the same as the 26V system with 40 Nm peak torque, a 105 km range, and a 423 Wh LiMn battery. HP Velotechnik pre-installs the system with a pressure switch starter and programming adapted for recumbent use. Both systems employ regenerative braking. The batteries require 3 hours of charge time when plugged in. The rest of the transmission consists of Shimano XT. Battery: Li-Ion / 48 V / 8.8 Ah Cells: 52 Torque (nom./max.): 9/40 Nm Weight (motor generator and battery): 6.7 kg Choose BionX PL250HTSL 48v Power Assist/27 speed XT

Drivetrain Options

Short cranks +£24.00

HP recommend these for riders under 5' 7" (175cm). We would recommend them to anyone for the reduced knee movement, leading to smoother, faster, more efficient pedalling and better handlebar clearance if you have steering above the seat. NB: your effective gear will be increased by about 10%.

Shimano BR-M315 Hydraulic disc

Basic specification Shimano BR-M315 Hydraulic discs work well and are easy to maintain.

Disc brakes - Avid BB7 mechanical +£70.00

All the advantages of disc brakes - great stopping, clean bicycle easy maintainance - but in a budget package.

Disc brakes - Tektro Auriga hydraulic +£135.00

Hydraulic brakes give a smoother action and are not subject to cable corrosion and breaking. tektros are simple and reliable.

Disc brakes - Shimano XT +£295.00

Shimano make some of the nicest disc brakes you can buy. Smooth, reliable and easy to maintain.


B&M Dymotech 6 with standlights front and rear +£150.00

A sidewall generator that runs on the tyre. It is combined with LED lights front and rear and wiring run internally through the frame.

SP-SD 8 dynamo hub +£285.00

Shutter Precision touts their dynamo hubs as the lightest, most efficient on the market. Combined with B&M IQ-X front light with up to 100 lux, parking light, brake light

SON 20R hub dynamo/B&M IQ-X +£415.00

The disc version of the highly efficient SON Delux dynamo. Combined with B&M IQ-X front light with up to 100 lux, parking light, brake light

SON 20R dynamo/Edelux light +£365.00

The disc version of the highly efficient SON 20R dynamo combined with SON's own Edelux front light. Standlights front and rear and internal wiring.