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Tout Terrain

tout terrain

In 1999, huband and wife team Steffi and Oliver Roemer took their first long bicycle journey. It was Canada and they had great plans.

For Steffi it was the first bike tour ever, for Oliver, the first for about 10 years. The adventure was great, the riding experience sometimes uncomfortable, but the fire was kindled. But they wanted to know: why they could not enjoy the same standards of comfort on their touring bikes as they were used to on their mountain bikes?

So the idea was born, and since 2005 they have been trying to build the best bikes in the world ...

Tout Terrain make bikes are made of the highest quality steel, as light, strong and as long lasting as possible. They all come with disc brakes and the highest level of components including Shimano and Rohloff internally geared hubs, the new Pinion gearbox and the Gates Carbon Drive system. Racks, lights and mudguards are all cleverly integrated into the design, to make the strongest and most reliable touring or commuting bikes it is possible to buy. They divide their range into three categories:

The Urban Range is ideal for commuting and fast riding. Steel frames for strength and longevity, hub gears keep the weather at bay while shifting in any circumstances. With hydraulic disc brakes you get massive stopping power and minimal maintenance. They are all available with Gates Carbon belt drive and a lighter frame without the integrated rear rack.

Their Trekking Range consists of bikes for hard use and low maintenance. Available with the Gates Carbon Drive system and internally geared hubs, they all have the integrated tubular steel rack to give a secure mount for your luggage and a stronger frame for heavier use.

The Expedition Range is for people who dream of adventure. All use the high quality multi-butted steel frame made of Dedaccai tubing with stainless steel fittings and integrated stainless steel rear rack. With an allowable total weight limit of 350 kilos, these are bikes which can cope with the hardest conditions, the longest rides and the heaviest loads. For the ultimate urban or expedition bike they offer the Xplore models with the Pinion gearbox. See them here.

All models are available as complete bikes or as frame kits. You can download the complete pricelist here.