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Via Veneto

The Via Veneto is Tout Terrains commuting bike with either Shimano or Rohloff hub gears and the option of Gates Carbon Drive. The hydraulic disc brakes work perfectly in all weathers. Rohloff or Shimano Alfine hub gears are smooth and reliable. 700c wheels give the widest possible choice of tyres from performance and light weight to comfort and puncture resistance.

A true allrounder and perfect if you want to keep your best bike for riding to work!

Possibly the most versatile bike in the Tout Terrain range, the Via Veneto is perfect for commuting, touring, transporting stuff and generally exploring the world. Using an oversized steel frame gives it a strength and endurance which is hard to match using any other materials, and the built in rack reinforces the frame and provides you with a load mounting point which will never flex or wobble, even seriously loaded and honking up the steepest hill.

You have the option of various hub gears from the reliable and smooth Shimano Alfine to the industrial grade Rohloff, for the most extreme conditions. You can have a conventional chain drive, or upgrade to the Gates Carbon Drive, which is smoother quieter and longer lasting than any other transmission system. The Via Veneto has Tout Terrains unique integrated rack which reduces the number of bolts and increases stiffness and reliabilty. The light cables run inside the frame and rack tubes for maximum protection and reliability and the Ergo-Stop handlebar stop protects frame and cables from damage and eliminates the risk of injuries for knees and legs.


Pick Your Options


Top tube length 575mm, Seat tube length 510mm


Top tube length 595mm, Seat tube length 560mm

Extra Large

Top tube length 615mm, Seat tube length 610mm.

here is a tool to help you:

Urban Comfort 330 +£1940.00

The NuVinci N330 gear hub allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Just twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range. This is easy to do, no matter if you are freewheeling, pedaling under load or waiting at a stoplight.

Alfine 11 Speed Urban Comfort +£2120.00

Shimano 11 Speed hub gear is perhaps the smoothest quietest hub gear on the market.

Rohloff Classic Belt +£3075.00

Xpress Trekking Classic +£2840.00

Designed and built in Germany, the Pinion gearbox is designed to be reliable and virtually maintenance free. Pinion C1.9 has 9 gears with a range of 600%. Gaps are 24.3% and the weight is 2000g.

Xpress Trekking Premium +£3110.00

Designed and built in Germany, the Pinion gearbox is designed to be reliable and virtually maintenance free. Pinion C1.12 gives 12 evenly spaced gears and a range of 600%.


Shimano DH3D72B, Tout Terrain The Plug +£190.00

Shimano DH3D72B, Bush&Muller IQ Cyo & Toplight +£175.00

Shimano DH3D72B, Bush&Muller IQ Cyo & Tail-Light +£205.00

The Shimano DH72 is proven dynamo hub with a single contact sealing. The state-of-the-art bearing technology ensures a long life time. 

Shimano DH3D72B, Supernova E3 & C-Light +£260.00

Shimano DH3D72B Supernova E3 & Tailight +£230.00


The Supernova E3 is one of the finest bicycle lights on the market. The top of line electronics allow full light performance from around 8km/h. The full aluminium housing is unmatched. The Taillight 2 is Supernovas tiny rack mounted rear light.

SON Delux dynamo with The Plug III charging device. +£315.00

The SON 28 II is delivers all you expect from a dynamo hub: light weight, low rolling resistance, high power. The quality of the SON products is unquestioned and the finish is exceptional.

The Plug is an integrated power supply for your bike to charge devices through your dynamo hub.for GPS devices, MP3 players, phones and backup batteries.

SON Direct Contact Surcharge +£40.00

Electrical contacts on the outside of the hub rest directly against matching contacts on the inside of the fork dropout, so you can remove the wheel quickly without having to mess about with little plugs.

Luggage Racks

Tubus Racktime adapter +£17.00

Tubus Lowrider +£70.00

Extra carrying capacity for long tours, the Tubus Duo is made of tubular steel for strength and rigidity. Locates to both sides of the front fork legs.

Spring Clamp +£26.00

Locates to the top of the rear rack for carrying your copy of The Times.

Elastic Strap +£7.00

An adjustable elastic strap which goes lengthways on the rack. Long enough to strap on a sleeping bag.

Fizik Rondine black +£44.00

Brooks B17 saddle +£70.00

A leather saddle gives the best long term comfort, since it softens and shapes to your anatomy.

Brooks Cambium C17 +£90.00

Black Label 100mm

Black Label 120mm

Black Label 75mm

Adjustable Stem +£26.00

Give you the option of raising or lowering the handlebar position with an allen key. The Hupert stem doesn't wabble or wear out. Note: if you order the multi-position handlebars this comes as standard.

Tout Terrain Black Label Ergo

Syntace VOR handlebar and stem +£180.00

Give yourself more adjustability with the Syntace VOR handlebar and stem upgrade. Includes Fizik seatpost. Not suitable for use with handlebar bags.

Trekking Bar Comfort +£36.00

The trekking bar offers a relaxed upright seating position and the wrists at a slight angle.

Multi-position handlebar +£36.00

Plenty of hand positions for long journeys. This handlerbar comes as standard with an adjustable stem.


Hebie Chainglider chainguard +£50.00

If you choose a bike with a chain, the Hebie Chainglider will keep you trousers clean and your chain protected from the weather. Easy to fix and remove, it actually rests on the chain itself, but gives hardly noticeable drag.

Atran Velo Kickstand +£18.00

Mounted firmly to the braze-on on the left hand chainstay.

Spurcycle Bell +£50.00

Simply the coolest bell you can buy, engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others. Handmade in America.

Drivetrain Options

Connex 9sx stainless steel chain upgrade +£36.00

The stainless chain reduces corrosion, is more durable and extends the lifetime of your chain.

Marathon Racer

Schwalbe Marathon Mondial +£55.00

The ultimate folding touring tyre, made for roads, tracks and trails of all continents. Construction and compounding uses the very latest Schwalbe Evo technology.

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme +£55.00

Schwalbe’s Marathon Supreme is a very fast, lightweight and round shouldered touring tyre complete with Vectran breaker puncture resistance. The Marathon Supreme retains traction well in wet conditions. Although highly puncture resistant it sacrifices a little durability for it’s speed and low weight. This tyre is ideal for fast road tours, especially if a little rain is expected, but will not fare well off road.


SKS Mudguards

SKS Longboard are one of the longest and best coverage mudguards on the planet.

Curana Mudguards +£30.00

Curana CLite weigh approximately 30% less than plastic extrusion mudguards and this is combined with very high stiffness. They have a very clean anodised aluminium look and a quick-assembly stay mounting.

Adjustable Stem +£35.00